History of Batboys

It was the year of 1989 when we were first formed, a bunch of college students in our 2nd year. The original group was made up of basketball players who formed a renegade side from Charles Sturt University (CSU) or Mitchell College of Advanced Education (MCAE) as it was then called.

The leader of the group James Henry (capt./coach) named the team, God rest him. He was known as Zac and seeing he and the rest of us of were avid Batman fans, the Batboys were etched into history.

We all liked to have a drink together after every game, which would usually end up being a major session on the swill. Each week the Uni held a couple of bar nights and it was unusual to go to one and not see us sitting in our favourite chairs near the bar. Due to our unconditional support of this Uni facility, we became pretty good friends with the all the bar staff, and seeing that some of our members were working at the bar we decided to make the rest of them members too (well the cool ones).

And from that day forward, the pre-requisites became:
1. Friends of the Batboys
2. Cool bar staff
3. Anyone who had a promising career in college (longevity) and who enjoyed a drink, but I think they go hand in hand.
4. And now that a lot of us play Rugby as well, Rugby players that weren’t too up themselves.

The above criteria was applied in 1992, the year of our first Batboys Pub Crawl. This was an event which made the word Batboys become a household name. Every man and his dog wanted to become members of this now elite group of drinkers. We did not just want members who could drink the most or who were popular, but just the run of the mill type people who enjoyed a drink and were fun to go out with. It seems that after being a member for a few years you become quite a good drinker and popular anyway.

The year of 1993 saw the dawning of the Batboys Reunion Pub Crawl, so called because some of the group had actually graduated, and had to come back for it. It was at this pub crawl that we started having a recovery the day after. Thanks to Scotty Green for the use of his parent’s house.

to be continued….

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